Tuesday, April 22, 2008

STRAIT TALK from LOVELY NAILS: The mystery is solved.

In reference to the mysterious midnight posting from LOVELY NAILS, she has provided us with the keys to the kingdom:

"The notorious batwing sweatshirt is back. We're proud to re-introduce the perfect workout sweatshirt for gym rats and muscle freaks. Face it, the way you're built, regular sweatshirts never fit right. But our batwing will. No more buying oversized sweatshirts that fit your shoulders and chest but balloon at your waist. The batwing cut gives you plenty of room for your musclebound torso and tapers at the waist so you're not swimming in excess fabric. Available in 8 bold prints."

To purchase this garment or contact the model, please visit: www.dukecitymuscle.com/store.php