Friday, May 30, 2008


Hello devout Plaid Voyeurs,

It is with great concern that I write this note to you all. I am the PVP, COICODE (Chief Officer In Case of Dire Emergency) I only step in when disaster strikes, and it seems, this time, it certianly has. The entire staff of the Plaid Voyeurism Project Headquarters has mysteriously developed severe and rather debilitating kidney infections and have not been able to carry out the regular program of operations in the last week or so. So, as an emergency measure I have been called in to try to keep things in order, and will do my best to post your submissions, which, apologetically, are very backed up. The team down in Mexico did a pretty good job of capturing some very interesting specimines of Mexican Buffalo Plaid, which I am going to try to get up and running for you as soon as possible.

Please don't be alarmed, though PVP headquarters looks like a medic tent from the set of M.A.S.H., I can assure you that the PVP VHCP (Volunteer Health Care Professionals) have everybody on individual cots receiving a steady intraveinus antiboitic drip and with proper fluids, they should all be back in their cubicles in no time. On Behalf of the entire PVP TEAM, both ill and not, well, I guess most everybody's ill, (Except for the PVP CCPS (Cross Country Plaid Safari) Mobile Unit, who just called in with well wishes from a Best Western somewhere south of Cincinati, oh, and our NCRP (North Country Roving Photographer) Who we haven't heard from in over a month...) We apologize for this devastating lapse in plaid and we promise to bounce back all bright eyed and bushy tailed with new feathers in our caps, just as soon as our kidneys are in proper working order.

P.S. In the midst of this current epidemic, I was reminded of an old saying by BAMBI BOY, one of our newest members.
As we were carrying a few of the ailing bodies to the infirmary tent from where we had found them, feverishly shaking, crouched under their their desks, he turns to me and says, "You know... Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you."

Wise words, BAMBI BOY, wise words indeed.

Sincerely Yours,

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So the secret's out, we are checking our email in Mexico. Don't get any ideas, it's few and far between and right now we are waiting for the banana stand out side the hotel to open so we can eat something and get on with our project. So far we have made a few plaid captures in Mexico, but have no means of uploading without absorbing astronomical charge of using a international phone in a non designated country such as Mexico. So, as a gesture to the homeland, we are posting this little nod to winter, captured by H-ROCK, sent in while we're away. Thanks for thinking of us, H-ROCK.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We are off site on assignment this week in Mexico City. We are not able to blog down here because our cell phones don't work. We will resume regular plaid posting on Monday, May 26th. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, fee free to post your plaid captures on facebook and we will get them to the site as soon as we can. Thanks for you patience.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going Solo.

Today's post, (well yesterday's actually, since we're posting it past midnight so its technically tomorrow...) Whatever you want to call it, the subject of the capture above is Owen Pallett, the one man of the pretty much one man band called Final Fantasy (named after the video game, and not to be confused with the German trance band of the same name.) Though we've never heard him play, he apparently plays it all, including a violin into loop pedal, we've heard it's impressive. Anyway, since out efforts here at PVP are always such a group effort, and Plaid Voyeurism being the team sport that it is, we never do anything alone and are endlessly very, very impressed by those artists who go to such great lengths, heights and the ends of the earth (Mexico City, Ann Arbor, etc.), spending all the money they can barely scrape together, in pursuit of something slightly beyond their grasp and the glory of a great adventure.
Happy Birthday SPARKY. 5/18/08

Friday, May 16, 2008


BLUE and BLACK plaid clad subject captured sitting in front of one of Aaron Young's "Burnout" works, moments before the commencement of the evening's panel discussion with the artists lead by Currator, Nicola Vassell. 5/16/08 6:32pm

Kristin Baker, Dan Cohen, Rosson Crow, Elizabeth Neel, Sterling Ruby, Aaron Young
March 29 - April 26, 2008
Deitch Projects, 18 Wooster Street. New York, NY 10013


The rain seems to be making everyone a bit edgy today. Especially this lady (grey and white plaid polar fleece) who jabbed me with her umbrella and didn't bother to say excuse me upon boarding the B61 Bus at Bedford x N7th. 5/16/08 11:54am

Our first sighting in PUERTO RICO!

International Correspondent, SWIRLY HENRY, on assignment in Puerto Rico, has captured the first plaid capture in a US Territory. Spotted in the security line in the San Juan Airport. 5/16/08.


Union x Powers. Rainy Friday. Walking with sissy pants who has generously agreed to hem my pants, despite her busy schedule in the process of taking over the fashion world. Your'e my favorite sissy, sissy pants. 5/16/08 Just before 10am.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


In line at the commerce Bank on 5th x14th Street. 5/15/08

BLUE and WHITE and L & I.

Grumpy guy grumbling about his negatives. L&I on 22nd Street btwn 5th and 6th, but closer to 5th. We wouldn't go anywhere else for all our photo processing needs. They are nice and very accommodating especially with last minute requests.


You might need yo put on your plaid goggles to spot this one. It's a little hard to make out the plaid almost buried under the other items on the hooks pictured here in the employee break room of the Flying J Truck Stop in Butte, Montana. Captured the afternoon of May 14th, 2008 by Rosebud, PVP CCPS-TL. We're not even gonna ask now he managed to weasel his way into this secret back room, we just know he's sneaky like that...


Stuck behind this highly patterned couple for half a block in a wednesday afternoon pedestrian traffic jam on canal street ... Canal x Baxter. captured 5/14/08 4:38pm


Broadway and Houston. South East corner looking North. Captured yesterday by the diligent SWIRLY HENRY. Posted today by the long shloffers in PVP, WTUD, (Wireless Transmission Upload Department) who slept in. 5/15/08

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TALL and SMALL (tall wears it.)

Essex St. L.E.S. Sent via iphone by SWIRLY HENRY..... (See you in the craft hole.) 11:31am 5/14/08

* Craft Hole is an exclusive and very serious crafting group that meets on Wednesday evenings at an undisclosed location off the L train in Brooklyn. It's members are very very serious about crafting their crafts. Minutes are taken and attendance is mandatory.
These plaid slippers (pictured above) were worn to this weeks Craft Hole by THE CASHMERE SHEIK.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is the first post we have received through our new FRIENDS OF PVP facebook group. This online group is set up not as a blog, but as a contact point for fans of plaid voyeurism across the world wide web, as well as another collection sight for plaid capture. With over 100 members and counting, the group is proving a viable avenue for spreading the awareness. Thanks TICKER, for your post, and keep 'em coming!!!

PVP Celebrates and Honors ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, 1925-2008

The art world has lost one of its most loved and respected and rebellious figures. Robert Rauschenberg, the American pop artist, died of heart failure on Monday at his home in Florida. He was 82.


As you know, the Plaid Voyeurism Project is on an Intercontinental Plaid Safari. Today's post was transmitted with the following caption: South dakota Internet. Midday.


Well, we're not trying to nitpick, but when we asked them to please clarify the difference between the South Dakota internet an the New York internet, ROSEBUD, Team Leader of the PVP, CCPS (Cross Country Plaid Safari) got a bit defensive. Here is his response:

"I am the head of the PVP, CCPS. I'm out hre on the front lines. I don't have time for questions like that. Shoot first. Ask Later. Post it, don't post, that''s not my job, I just capture plaid in uncharted territories..."

recieved Tue May 13. 3:19pm EST.


Transmitted Tues May 13. 5:26pm with caption: South Dakota. MIdday BLUE and BLACK in the distance by a huge pile of mulch.

Ahhhh, That's more like it! South Dakota Mulch, that's nothing like New York Mulch. New York doesn't even have mulch. Bravo ROSEBUD! Bravo Team CCMU! We look forward to tomorrows post. Drive safely, boys, and don't forget to buckle up!

Bernard Brandall, 72, midtown

Old Schooled...
To read the fine print of this article, pick up this weeks issue of
Time Out New York, The Horny Issue, May 8-14, 2008

Want advice from an Old Schooler?
email questions to:

Monday, May 12, 2008

RED and WHITE: Summer Weight.

This is a fine specimine of summer weight buffalo plaid. Yes, some may call it gingham, but as temperatures rise, here at PVP, we're letting our definitions blur a bit, even if only for the opportunity of including a photo as awesome as this one. Thanks LAB PARTNER! Y'all stay hydrated, now, ya' hear? 5/12/08


PVP is taking to the road on a Cross Country Plaid Safari. For the next few weeks, ROSEBUD and company will be zig-zagging the country in a rented Winnebago, eeking out plaid from North Dakota to the Florida panhandle. The following post marks the first leg of their journey, captured during a layover at the Denver Airport, en route to North Dakota. Stay Tuned for daily updates from the PVP, CCPS (Cross Country Plaid Safari)
The Brothers Plaid. Denver Airport. 5/12/08 sent in by ROSEBUD, PVP, CCPS-TL (Team Leader)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This post is the facebook profile pic of Vermont Correspondent, HEAVY D. Not to toot our own horn, but we think the dual plaids featured might, just might be a PVP inspired "co-incidence." (Thanks for the hatching egg, H.D.) 5/11/08

RED and BLACK....

Another absolutely sensational capture by FABIO*. Union Square, looking west. Image taken 5/10/08, sent in after midnight.

*FABIO will be giving workshops on the finer points of plaid capture, on odd numbered saturdays starting after labor day. Please sign up in person at Headquarters, there is a sheet on the door. Space is limited, and available on a first come first serve basis. Bag lunch will be provided.

RED and BLACK against a wall....

Bedford x N 6th, Sent in by ROSEBUD, who surprisingly, and in spite of his 600 thread count, was up before noon!

BLACK and WHITE, love at first sight.

Sent in by WOODGRAIN, who reports that subject was too in love to notice her creeping close to snap this capture. She is getting back to us in regards to the location of the plaid love bird. 5/11/08 (Happy Mother's Day!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

GREEN and REGGIE...more later...

Lots to say...gotta run...more later. Can't keep CALL PAUL and NOTASTALKER waiting. 5/10/08

Friday, May 9, 2008

BLACK and WHITE shirt dress, sans tights.

Window of Pema, Bedford Ave. 5/9/08 Captured at 5:13pm, posted at 11:31pm. This will be the last post before I turn 31 at midnight. Happy Birthday to me... (in 29 min.)

BLACK and WHITE in dim light

Sent in by FABIO. Location not Specified. 5/9/08

RED and BLUE, Is that you? (Mrs. Simms?)

On the street outside the Fashion Institute of Techology. Seventh Ave. SISSY PANTS WON the Critics Choice award for her extremely fabulous James Galanos inspired garment. And we all came out to hear her acceptance speech, which was of course, excellent. We are all so proud. Wednesday, May 7th. Around 6:45pm

Flew the coop, left the PLAID...folded.

University Place. Captured, Wednesday, May 7, 2008. We're willing to venture a be that this is the nest of the girl who we captured just before Christmas, 2007, in a location not far form this one. This go-round, we find the plaid blanket neatly folded amongst the other bedding materials, (it was a pretty warm day today, no need for a wooly) And the hen seem sot have left he next unattended. As I capture this, I am half expecting to be bludgeoned form behind with a tire iron....

Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is our first submission from SWIRLY HENRY, sent in during CRAFT HOLE III, just after ordering the pizzas and well before THE CORK EPHANY. Keep 'em comin, Swirly... put that ol' iphone to good use. Image captured on the Bedford L Platform, 5/7/08.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


An most unusual post! Never before have we seen plaid printed on a regular old shopping bag. Thanks to PTHALO for sending this in. We hope you enjoyed your single malt. 5/7/08

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


...In the secret workshop of THE NOISE MONSTER, an almost above average and for the most part, solid scrabble opponent was beheaded tonight for failing to play her move; her noggin was replaced with the head of a rock opera composer and competitive scrabble genius... no doubt with the modus operandi of getting AHEAD. While the giraffes, horrified more by the use of bad puns than senseless murder, look on.
(We have been so busy lately keeping up with our ever increasing backlog of submissions, that we have been seriously neglecting our once healthy diet of Scrabulous on facebook... Until tonight. Ok, Ok, NOISE MONSTER, we heard you, we played our move, and we applaud your tactics in getting us to do so... Bravo.)


Union Square. About 6:30, May 6th, 2008.


We are pleased to publish the first image in our special series: PVP EYE ON THE NORTH COUNTRY, brought to you via the PVP, NCRIP. (North Country Roving Intern Photographer)
Buffalo Plaid in the Garden. (Somewhere in New Hampshire) 5/6/08


You may have noticed, that lately we have been heavy in to documentaries. Our EX/AV DPT ( Extra Curricular Audio/VIsual Department) has been riding a wave of insomnia which they are trying to make contagious to the rest of us by hosting irresistible all night/early morning screenings of documentaries on select seductive personalities such as Frank Gehry, Marc Jacobs and Matthew Barney, (see below sighting in Matthew Barney; Unrestrained.)

Usually, (and they have yet to be proven wrong) there is a plaid cameo to be found in such titles, and PVP EX/AV DPT has made it their personal [insomniac] mission to find them. Sometimes, it is quite a stretch to see what they will consider a passible sighting. This image below is a photograph taken last Sunday around 2:30am by ROSEBUD at the Bushwick Country Club, on a trip to the bar between screenings. When he sent it in, It was completely black, with the attached caption: Bushwick C.C. Evening, and based on the ungodly hour of its submission, (well past "evening") and the assumed state of inebriation of our dear friend ROSEBUD, the team in the PVP APDU (Abstract Plaid Deciphering Unit) was quick to dismiss it as a joke. But upon closer examination, and a heartfelt testimony from ROSEBUD himself, we decided to run it through another magazine of tests, and sure enough, after a very complicated photo enhancement process this is the image that was revealed: Quite a complex plaid indeed. Thanks Rosebud!

Monday, May 5, 2008

J.A.D.A.T.O. (Just another day at the office)

I forgot to mention that my other job is bat girl. This is really a stretch for the PVP to post, but it;s spring and people don't wear half the plaid the do in the winter, which gives us license to have a little fun... at least while we're at our desk job.

PLAID and SON (of the guy sitting next to him,)

On the L Train between 1st x Bedford. 5/5/08 8:19pm

PANTS! PVP represents the bottom half...

Brooklyn bound A train. Cinco de Mayo, '08


This might be our favorite capture yet. It leaves us all pretty much breathless. 4/5/08 Bedford Ave, where else?


I noticed them first, comin' at us, two in a row from all the way down the block.
As if in slow motion, Iooked to my right and saw my wingman now had them on his radar too...
Giving him the nod we both reached into our pockets for our phones.
Beads of sweat formed instantly on my upper lip as I fumbled to activate the camera function...
My wing man followed suit...

The following is an actual transcript of the events which ensued:

PVP AGENT 2: "Copy that."
PVP AGENT 1: "You aim for ace, I'm goin' in solo on the deuce."
PVP AGENT 2: "Sight on..." [FIRE]
PVP AGENT 1: [FIRE] "got her...RAD!"

We moved fast and with the agility of a pack of hungry snow leopards, our reflexes were rewarded with 2 out of 2 attempted captures, this one, and the one posted below. West side of Bedford Ave between N3 and N4th, 5/4/08 12:47:15pm


First of two captured in rapid succession. Such a good capture of a moving target by a moving mobile phone in the opposite direction. It's little moments like these that make us proud to be [plaid] voyeurs.
4/5/08 West side of Bedford Ave, Btwn N3 and N4th, 5/4/08 12:47:13pm

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Sent in by FABIO via hand held Mobile device, with caption, : "I want these for my bday!" Well, Fabio, better tell Sissy Pants....


Inside the Lodge looking out. Birthday brunch. Sissy Pants is 28 Today! 5/4/08.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


RECEIVED. For those of you who have been following the continuing saga of the blaze orange hand painted plaid, you will be pleased to know that today i received a box in the mail from Minnesota containing some bright orange fleece, some chocolate, and a very nice note from Anne, my collaborator in this project.
STay uned for further progress reports... 5/3/08 12:10pm

BLACK and LIME : Marc Jacobs = genius of our time.

We held a special pre-work am screening of the Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton Documentary this morning. All he had to do was to walk out the door in that amazing PIgeon costume and in the first 35 seconds of the film we were all completely in love with him. Francine Prose, Novelist interviewed for the documentary agreed. Genius. 5/3/08, between 6-8am.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Sent in by BIG JER. Merchants Bank. Burlington, Vermont 5/2/08 Sometime during business hours...

Thursday, May 1, 2008


The word is out, folks...

The ever popular red and white PIC-NIC PLAID (Also known as Pizzeria Plaid, as displayed above, Valdiano Restaurant, Manhattan Ave, Greepoint) has been approved as the OFFICIAL 2008 Summer Weight Strain of our beloved Buffalo Check. After a considerable amount of back and forth banter, we had to resort to a cut throat ping-pong tournament to finally determine a verdict.

As the Captain of the winning team, (We play doubles so more people get to play) We are proud to award the folks at CPNA (Coalition for Pic-Nic Accessories) with the title of OSWS'08 (Official Summer Weight Srain,'08) Such a fun and festive flat pattern is more than deserving of our accolades.... at least until after labor day.


Everyone in New York can't stop complimenting me on my new bag, a gift from my Sharp-As -A-Tack Art Dealer, known to PVP as COCA COLA CLASSIC, and to the Greater Miami Art Set as the infamous and infinitely fabulous, Miss Nina Johnson, Owner and Proprietor of Gallery Diet. Thanks so much!!!!

On a symbolic note, According to Dr. Williams, (Father of QUEEN OF THE SAVAGES,) in from Minnesota for the big record release party weekend, Two Eggs, in military speak, means you are ON A MISSION.... and I certainly am.