Monday, April 7, 2008

RED and BLACK: Go Moultrie Packers!

Just a note to all of you curious cats who have been wondering about the uncharacteristic lack of posts during the last ten days. Let us reassure you that the extenuating circumstances of this dry spell was a due to lack of photo messaging capabilities of all of our hand held mobile devices. (Dear Apple: If we had all had iphones, of course this wouldn't have been a problem. If you would like to take this opportunity to sponsor us indefinitely, please contact the sweet old grannies in the PVP, DRD/PBK (Department of Donation Receiving/Pie Baking Kitchen) to fill out the necessary paperwork to assure the prompt delivery of a fresh and delicious homemade apple pie as a token of our appreciation of your donated electronics.) Here at PVP, we promise, (cross our hearts and hope to die) that this little inconsistency in our usual stream of steady, healthy servings of plaid will not become a habit. Thanks for your patience.

0327082002a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Plaid clad youths at dusk in the Walmart parking lot. Moultrie, GA. 3/27/07

Please note how the red parking piling in the foreground becomes the Apple, the girl's green shirt becomes the stem, and the plaid, the universal connector, which prompted me to clic the capture, brings it all together.

Behold, the monkey king lying limp and exhausted in his manger after brutally devouring the Apple Pirate as a noon day snack.


For the past ten days PVP has been off site and off line on our annual SFRT (Spring Field Research Trip). As the winter season draws to a close, and the wool jackets are packed away in mothballs for the summer, we at PVP have come to expect a slight dip in frequency of plaid sightings. To counteract the inevitible onset of PDS (Plaid Deficency Syntrome) and symptomatic feelings of low-self esteem and self worth we attempt to maintain high morale among employees by starting the tradition of the Spring Field Research Trip. This year we set up temporary headquarters in the Colquitt County Art Center, the jewel of the nile in the sedentary, styrofoam strip-mall town of Moultrie, Georgia (Go Packers!). The entire staff of PVP Headquarters joined artists from all over the world to participate in the SANDARBH US ARTISTS WORKSHOP (for workshop details, click link in FRIENDS OF PVP section in the right hand column of the blogspot), For ten days we proceeded to rock the socks off of all preconceived notions of the artistic process in the minds of Moulrians young and old. Everyone had a very good time.
The notorious, "Christmas Gang" uses vines, yarn, and local children, all plentiful and native to Moultrie, to create an art work in one of many public parks.