Monday, April 21, 2008


Well folks, it's time again for everyone's favorite segment, PVP MAILBAG!!!!! Let's round out the work day by answering some of our fan mail, shall we? Today's letter comes from a long lost, but recently found, dear old friend, PVP ALIAS: TEA BAG, who worked with us back in 2001 when we were operating out of the back of a walk in refrigerator in a sweet little grocery store in Portland, Maine which no longer exists. [RIP, PGG]

TEA BAG caught us in a lie of sorts by asking for the text book difference between Gingham and Plaid. This is a question that frequently finds its way into our mailbag, and we try our best to scoot around it most of the time, except when we have no choice, so in response to TEA BAG"s inquiry we responded:

"Good question, the difference between plaid and gingham is the size of the check and the weight of the fabric, though it's not all together certain whether or not these are the official defining factors. At first, it was thought by some of us that was plaid was made up of one color and black and gingham was one color with white, but our PVP FVC (Fashion Vocabulary Consultant) who is a well respected authority in the fashion world has told us that it has nothing to do with color...."

Here is TEA BAG"S retort:

"I'd just like to point out that there is one picture of you [in the blog] in which you are definitely wearing gingham plaid."

Well TEA BAG, you snarky devil....WE STAND CORRECTED. And I hope you will accept this pair of hand painted Chuck Taylors as a small token of our appreciation in regards to your acute attention to detail in keeping us honest. Just send us a pair of shoes and we'll paint em. (Sorry, we can't provide the footwear, we're on a shoe-string budget, no pun intended. Ha ha ha.)