Monday, April 21, 2008

PVP Salutes Plaid Figure Head: PAUL BUNYAN

31 foot tall statue of Paul Bunyan (Though legend has it the actual man was 63 axe handles high, with his feet on the ground, head in the sky) in Bangor, Maine, one of at least a dozen towns claiming his alleged birthplace.

There is some debate in regarding the authenticity Mr Bunyan's tall tale. Skeptics claim that his story was the invention of the Red River Lumber Company, back in 1914, as a marketing stunt and corporate logo, where as some folks argue that the myth first emerged in 1906 as a compilation of genuine lumberjack legend.

Here at PVP, we have our own version of the story. According to a trusted and reliable source who's great grandfather knew the real Paul Bunyan from summers at Camp Cobbossee, on beautiful Lake Cobbosseecontee, in Winthrop, Maine, "Pauly B" was remembered to be, "A pretty big guy who liked pancakes."