Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RED and BLACK, What's in the Sack?

012908_1856d.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Bag. Sunac. Union x Met. 1/29/08. Just before seven.

BLACK and WHITE under a street light.

012908_1842a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. Bedford x S 1st. 1/29/08. Just after six.


This image has something to do with the LVHRD "Dress like a Lumberjack" event that donor, code name: NOTASTALKER sent in to remind us about. Please go to the WWW.LVHRD.COM for more information. We here at PVP, EEI (External Event Investigation) are still checking this out, so at this moment, and with regret, we cannot provide you with any more information, though we do like the grizzly bear. 1/29/08

Monday, January 28, 2008


012808_1434a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

This image is a dream come true for us here in the PVP, CAD, (Chapter of Icon Assessment) What a treat to capture the buffalo plaid in the same frame as the ultimate pop icon of all times, Warhol's Campbell's Soup cans, not to mention on a tote-bag; the ultimate act of commodification of any artistic image! Whole Foods. East Houston. 1/28/08 2:34pm


012808_1400a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Cotton. Whole Foods. E Houston. 1/28/08 2:00pm


012808_1256a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Sweatshirt. Bway x E10. 1/28/08 12:56pm.

RED and BLACK-Track.

This image was captured in Grand Central Station by donor, code name: WAGONWEEN. The following is his own account of what transpired: "That shot was taken Sunday, 19th, noonish. I was posted in a high volume bottleneck and employed the "let them come to you" tactic, which is surprisingly unobtrusive." 1/19/08

Sunday, January 27, 2008

RED and BLACK and Oranges

012708_1504c.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. On the bias. Tops on N6. 1/27/08 3:05pm


012708_1356a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. Bedford x N5. 1/27/08 1:56


This image was sent in by PVP donor, code name: LOVELY NAILS, which she snapped from the TV during an ad for a current reality TV show. 1/27/08. Thanks for tuning in!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

RED and BLACK shadows

012608_2123b.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

wool. A perfect example of Buffalo plaid as urban camouflage: blurring the edge between the pattern and the graffiti backdrop. Corner of Metropolitan and Roebling. (I've been waiting to capture one right there....Ha HA! And now I have.) 1/16/08 9:23pm


012608_1508a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Sweatshirt. Passing by the bouquets piled at Heath Ledger's front door step. Broome. 1/26/08 3:08pm.


012608_1456a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. Prince x Greene. 1/26/08 2:56pm

Friday, January 25, 2008


Today was a big day for those of us on PVP, PRD, (Package Receiving Detail) In the mail, via the USPS, we received an incredibly thoughtful and rather exotic gift from the donor known as THE CIGARETTE GIRL. She sent us a brand new ORANGE and WHITE Buffalo Plaid Fleece Blanket! The blanket was immediately installed in PVP headquarters as a instrumental piece of plaid recovery equipment. See image below: P.S. My head is full of snot and it's 12:37 am, and I'm up playing online scrabble with PVP supporter, code name: SHUE. Our game is near terminus and he's just shot ahead with BLITES on a triple word score for 40 points, to which I played P-L-A-I-D off of the 'I' in BLITES for a measly 11. Whatever...I'm cracked out on Tylenol pm, drinking coconut water mixed with lime seltzer ) The Official PVP, HBC (Hybrid-Hydrating Beverage of Choice). Oh my heck...


012508_1639a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Distant speck of wool. Eastbound on N6. 1/25/08 4:45pm.

RED and BLACK for store credit

012508_1115a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Baby sized. Flying Squirrel. 1/25/08 11:15am


012508_1029a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. Atlas Cafe. 1/25/08 10:29am


This image was donated by a wonderfully generous lady known to PVP as "BARLEE" Seen here in shan costume, on a recent trip to Myanmar... Thanks! 1/25/08

Thursday, January 24, 2008

BLACK and WHITE and FUR on top.

012408_1534a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. Mini Mall. Bedford Ave. 1/24/08 3:40pm.


012408_1211d.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Scarf. N6 x Bedford. 1/24/08 12:12pm.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


012308_1005b.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Flannel. Lowe's. Auto check-out. 1/23/08 10:23am.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RED and Broke-BLACK

Startled by news of Heath Ledger's death this afternoon. Saddened by thoughts of untimely passage, terminated potential, and all the children who lose parents when they are very young. Pictured here: MIchelle Williams (Buffalo Plaid jacket sewn on-the-bias), Heath Ledger (pink hat) with daughter Matilda, in Brooklyn sometime last year. So it goes. 1/22/08.

OBSERVE: As the RED and BLACK Spineless Plaid Decoy encounters the Airborne Jellyfish...

This observation is part of a work in progress courtesy of local artist and PVP Scout, Abby Manock. She was quoted earlier in regards to the project, "There's more where that came from." 1/22/08.


012208_2024a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Peeking Collar. Videology. Bedford Ave. 1/22/08 8:24pm

Monday, January 21, 2008

RED and BLACK: Rocket to Russia

This picture was requisitioned by the PVP, IEU. (International Espionage Unit) as part of the reconnaissance mission to Eastern Europe in December 2007. All IEU Scouts have returned to Headquarters safely and with a few wonderful images to share with us. We will be sprinkling them in among out day to day postings, to keep things from getting to predictable. Enjoy!

Though both men pictured are wearing red plaid, the pattern on left is not of particular interest to us at PVP. The pattern on the right, is obviously Buffalo Plaid. It is impossible, however, to determine the nationality of either man, based solely on the pattern of their shirt, we can assume however, based on their stoic postures, that they are most likely not Americans. Then again, I could be wrong.
---------This message has been generated electronically----------


Here at PVP, we firmly believe that all methods of media donation are valid and equal. We understand that not everyone has access to a camera phone, and recognize that a lack of equipment does not make a plaid sighting any less valuble than one captured in a well composed, in-focus, snapshot. We do not/will not discriminate based on method of submission, be it photograph, drawing, memory, local lore, song lyric, or just a hunch.

This message is brought to you by the proud folks at PVP, EOU: (Equal Opportunity Uploader)

RED and BLACK, No Means of Attack

This message comes to us via email:

"I love the PVP, I don't have a camera, or a phone, or a camera phone currently so I' can't really participate, but I would if i could. Out here in the country, red and black means you know how to identify, cut, and split firewood, and yellow/black plaid means you don't know anyting about the woods at all, but you grew up surrounded by them... interesting huh?
much love my friend,
p.s. I wear red/black!"

Chestertown, Maryland
transmitted: 1/20/08 8:05pm


Flannel. The "Animal Print and Dancing" Party. San Clamente, California. This photo was sent in by a donor and party host known as THE AQUA CHEWBAQUA. I must point out that this capture is the first one we've got in which buffalo plaid is worn as a costume element. Also the first documented sighting on the west coast. Thanks for your donation, keep 'em comin! 1/10/08, 7:00 til whenever.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


012008_1347a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Textile vessle. Downtown F train. 1/20/08 1:47pm.


012008_1251a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Knitted. Enid's. 1/20/08 12:51pm

BLACK and WHITE and FUR all over.

Emily and Troy's cat Mickey on a blanket from Muji, sent in this morning by Mara's assistant Paul. If you should need any more information regarding this photo, please contact Mara via Paul at: paul@marasprafkin.com. Got it? Good. 1/20/08 9:45am


011908_2108a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Scarf. This couple seemed lost. I took advantage of their bewilderment and was able to shoot shamelessly close. Waiting for the L on my way to the Annex. 1/19/08 9:08pm


011908_1134a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. In amongst the other coats at the Buffalo Exchange. Driggs x N9. (Forgot to check the price) 1/19/08 11:34am.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


011908_2008c.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. Crossing Berry on N6. 1/19/08 8:08pm


011908_1114a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. Hope x Havemeyer. 1/19/08 11:14 am.

PTHALO and BLACK from the Archives.

Flannel. Danny and Evan sometime in '07.

Friday, January 18, 2008

RED and BLACK and the Butterfly and the Bell Jar.

011808_2155a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool-over-hoodie. Lobby. Angelika. Go see the Butterfly and the Bell Jar, it's great. 1/18/08 9:59pm


011808_1153d.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Flannel. Metropolitan, btwn Driggs and Roebling. 1/18/08 11:54am

Thursday, January 17, 2008


011708_1542a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.


This capture scenario had the potential to be one of our most complex yet. Unfortunately, here at PVP, we usually learn things the hard way, and as circumstance would have it, I let the opportunity slip through my fingers.

Here's what happened: I wearing a red and black plaid jacket. I was walking south on the East side of 1st Ave when I spotted it. Draped over a chair, pressed up against the glass wall of a restaurant kitty corner to me was a jacket almost identical to mine. I immediately crossed west, never taking my eyes form the subject. (PLEASE NOTE, dear volunteers, in all your excitement you MUST NOT FORGET to LOOK BOTH WAYS.) Approaching from the north, I opened my phone as I drew closer, in simulation of an incoming call. Though the subject had her back to me, she was dining with a friend who watched me as I came towards them. I realized the unique nature this shot, with the potential of capturing the coat inside as well as my own reflection in the glass. Two in One; the predator and the prey, flattened into the same picture plane. My blood pumped. I reached the curb, hands shaking, I paused to focus the frame. It was then that my confidence took a sudden plunge and paranoia grabbed the helm, and paralyzed by fear and self consciousness, I was unable to accurately compose the shot.

Now listen close, dear PVP volunteers: Although wearing the plaid you're hunting adds an exciting cannibalistic twist and an increased adrenaline rush to the act of capture, such outward allegiance the plaid will make you exponentially more conspicuous to your subject, causing the heightened condition I have just described, and may result in your inability to get the shot you want. Though the events of this afternoon proved unfortunate, there is a lesson to be learned from this: Choose your patterns wisely, for if you dress a turkey, you are what you eat. 1st Ave x 13th St. 1/17/08 3:48pm


Due to the official tabulation results just in from the PVP, SPU (Statistics and Probabilities Unit) It has been brought to our attention that there exists an undeniable correlation between a high frequency of recent sightings and the 14th Street parallel, in congruence with the east/west path of the L train spanning both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The density of capture seems to be most highly concentrated between Union Square and Bedford Avenue, both above and below ground. At this juncture, we are not yet sure how the results of this survey will impact our database. Please stay tuned for further analysis.
SIncerely, PVP, SHT (Speculation and Hypothesis Theorist)

RED(fox) and BLACK

011608_1829b.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Are those your undies I see? Flannel. The Bedford Stop. 1/16/08 6:30 pm

RED and BLACK ride by

This superb specimen of a moving target was captured on Wythe x S8th on Jan 13th by the donor known as Wagonween and sent in via: plaidvoyeurismproject@gmail.com. Thanks O, we wouldn't be here without you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a sea of RED and BLACK

011608_1921a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Today has been a record day for plaid sightings. I am blogging this LIVE from Europa in Greenpoint where the plaid turnout to see Kimya Dawson is truly staggering. Too many and too dark in here for me to capture. You'll just have to take my word for it. 1/16/08 8:29pm


011608_1653a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. Whole Foods. Union Square. 1/16/08 4:54pm


011608_1638a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Rubber. Urban Outfitters. 14th St. 1/16/08 4:38pm


011508_1610a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Too fast to tell. Bedford Ave a.k.a. Plaid Capitol of the World. 1/16/08. 4:10pm

BLACK and WHITE and backlit by Starbucks

011508_1738a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wool. 14th Street. 1/15/08 5:39pm