Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BLACK and MINT as seen in PEOPLE [Magazine]

July 28th Issue. Page 48.

RED and WHITE in SNOW FOREST* (Contrary to popular assumption, in this case white does not refer to snow.)

Camping at Snow Forest*. Summer 1967
Added by:
Randy Carlson

* Here at PVP, we have become extremely curious about the above "Snow Forest" as stated in the caption provided by plaid donor Randy Carlson, (who was not available for comment). Since the above photo was clearly captured during the summer months, the obvious lack of snow in the stated forest location of this capture seems wrought with Irony. We've wasted not a moment of time getting to the bottom of this little paradox. A caucus was to set up to appoint the members of the PVP, PLIC (Paradoxical Location Investigation Committee) who came back in two shakes of a lambs tail with the following information regarding the alledged "Snow Forest."

Snow Forest, closed 1973 through 1978, reopened in 1979 and then closed permanently in the spring of 1992. Dan & Dave Platus, two brothers who worked in the California aerospace industry owned Snow Forest for sixteen years. Contributed by Paul Herrick, Assistant Ski School Director at Mt. Baldy: I was working at Snow Forest Ski Area through the 80s and last taught there in the Spring of 1992. That year they closed, the Forest Service pulled the permit so no one else could take over the ski area. Also that year Jim McDill, Ski School Director at Snow Forest, died. He was also the director of the Big Bear Valley Park Ski Teaching Program for several decades. I moved my teaching to Mt Baldy and started there on December 24, 1992.

Monday, July 28, 2008

BLACK and WHITE through glass.

In the window at the Diesel Store. Union Square. 8/28/08. 7 pm on the dot.

BLACK and WHITE: the morning flight

Disembarking JetBlue Flight 19, non-stop from BTV to JFK. 7:26am 7/28/08.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker...

If I'm not mistaken I believe these hats belong to some phish heads. Hangin' on hooks at The Barn. End of First Session BBQ. 7/25/08

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How much is that plaid dress in the window? (arf, arf) The one with the waggly tail...

On display in the window of Alter, aka the un-numbered boutique housed in the store front between 107 and 109 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Part of me likes what I'm wearing and part of me wants to be wearing that plaid dress in the window. Captured just after 6pm on my way to work the second leg of my double shift at Relish. (Way to rock it.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BLUE and WHITE, it's a nice NIGHT in the east village, ain't it?

1st Ave x 12th St. Southbound


Just after lunch today one of our summer interns in the PVP, E.C.A.U.R.D. (Extra-Curricular Airline Uniform Research Department) hollered EUREKA! at such a great decibile that we all came running to see what all the commotion was about. Well worth the lung power, this was her amazing discovery:

American Airlines Uniforms 1974-1977

Monday, July 21, 2008


Yeah, the hair's good, but we can't take our eyes off that awesome tattoo! 7/21/08

p.s. that R and the flexed foot in the background belong to Cyndi Lauper (She's so unusual.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BLUE and WHITE, now that's a light!

Kaatskill Mtn Club- Condo B15. Noticed this amazing light fixture while upstairs pre-wedding preening with the ladies. (Congrats Brianna & Alex!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Two caught strolling hand in hand in Union square. Just after 4:00pm. 7/17/08


Oooooohhhh, it's that that same Urban Outfitters sundress that everyone wearing these days....go figure... (See "The Ultimate Urban Outfit" post on July 1st) Crossing 18th on 8th, heading North. 3:11pm 7/17/08

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


FROM THE ARCHIVES: This capture was lost in the annals for months, found during a routine erasure of pictures from our mobile device photo gallery. Originally captured February 26th, 2008 at 2:03PM at the Flying Squirrel on N 6th Street in Brooklyn.


These two Japanesse fashion magazine covers were captured in the magazine store on 23rd Street Between 5th and 6th Aves. 8:03 pm 7/16/08. (Moments before the previous cross walk capture, see below)


Crossing 5th on 22nd St,South side of Madison Square Park, heading West. 8:06pm 7/16/08.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For the GRUNGE of MONEY...

"Marie Claire's "Factory Girls'" Shoot: An Assembly Line of 90's Era Recockulousness"

Our team in PVP's QCD (Quotes and Citations Department) have had quite a time figuring out whom to quote on this one. The following text is an excerpt from a blog post on an online lifestyles/pop culture magazine in response to a fashion spread in Newstand's Marie Claire Magazine sent in to PVP as a link by CALL PAUL.

"Grunge is back you guys. For real. And in the pages of the August issue of Marie Claire, the editors try to make it seem cool by setting a plaid-centric photo shoot in some kind of factory. Perplexed as to how $395 overalls and a $2,000 Chanel skirt are working-class? Put on some Pearl Jam and check out the manual labor-chic..."

From Jezebel.com's MAG HAG Blog- posted by DODAI (not a at PVP alias) at 2:00pm on Tuesday July 15 2008. As of 2:34 pm, when we first checked the link that CALL PAUL sent, there had been 1,133 views, 48 comments. Quite a tangled world wide web we weave... Thank you CALL PAUL for the tip off.

Monday, July 14, 2008


As many of you might have guessed, employees of PVP tend to be overly susceptible to the occasional OVRP (Obsessive Visual Research Project.) Second only to our love of plaid, we are very partial to collecting every shred of information ad snapshot we can get our hands on regarding the nostalgia saturated Jet Set chic airline culture of the 1960's and 70's; an era we refer to here at PVP, as: ECWW, (Eye Candy With Wings.) Our favorite AOTM (Airline Of The Moment) is BI (Braniff International), who, in 1965 brilliantly hired Italian fashion icon Emilio Pucci, and textile guru, Alexander Girard, to completely overhaul the Braniff image... and amidst all our extra curricular research, we stumbled upon an amazing coincidence.... BRANIFF HAD BUFFALO PLAID!!!! PLease read on...

Braniff Stewardesses were called "Hostesses" and were outfitted with uniforms & accessories composed of interchangeable parts which could be removed and added as needed. Pucci adopted a Space-Age theme in redesigning the Stewardess Uniform, including plastic bubbles (resembling Captain Video helmets) which were intended to be worn between the terminal and the plane to prevent carefully coifed hair-dos from being tousseled by the whipping wind on the runway and the the threat of inclement weather. Unfortuantely, the Space Bubble was discontinued after about a month. Not only did the helmets crack easily, there was no place to store them once onboard the aircraft, and with the advent of jetways in many modern airports, their cause was rendered obsolete. However, today, vintage Pucci garments and accessories designed for especially for Braniff are considered highly sought after items of couture.

Girard (pictured below with black and white plaid) was born 1907 in New York, raised in Italy, educated in Britain, and made famous back in America by redefining modern textile design. In 1945, he joined the cult icon company Herman Miller and remained there until the 1970s.

GIrard used fellow Herman Miller design colleagues, Ray and Charles Eames' furniture in the terminals and splashed Braniff ticket counters, terminal lounges, and airline interiors with 7 color schemes and 56 total fabrics. Known to friends as Sandro, (Italian short for Alexander,) Girard died in 1993 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, his home since 1953.

Orange,red and mustard yellow Plaid Peruvian Wool blanket designed by Alexander Girard from Herman Miller designs. Two blankets were designed, the other was blue, dark blue and green (Not shown.)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The PLAID, The PARTY, and the PVP NO-SHOW.

PTHALO is having a party tonight and all of us at PVP decided not to go out, and now we're hearing about it from CALL PAUL who is texting us LIVE from the the party floor, demanding the coordinates of our whereabouts. Here is the first two of her attempts to make us feel guilty about our no-show, and we must say, it's working.

FW: IMG00165.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

"I don't know where you are but there is plaid in bushwick! CP"

"Plastic bag plaid...Where are you?" CP

Gimme Pants and Coffee!

@ the counter @ Gimme Coffee. 7/12/08

Friday, July 11, 2008

PVP and the iPHONE G3

Friday July 11th, the day we've all been waiting for. The day the new iPhone makes its retail debut. (For various reasons, here at PVP we have all decided to masochistically hold out just little longer before we swan dive into the land of Mobile Me.) But for all of you out there who are taking the plunge today, we applaud your choice and are totally and completely green with envy.

So we sent out scouts to all three Apple stores and a few AT&T locations to see if we could nab a plaid capture of someone waiting in line for their new phone. But, due to the extreme heat, (and, we believe insatiable jealousy and unrequited lust) all of our scouts all came back empty handed. So, determined to provide you some form of visual connective tissue between buffalo check and the iphone, we've been down in the basement all morning, pawing through the archives only to come up with a snackbar snapshot of these two plaid clad iphone toting youths... It's not the g3 they hold, it's the original, the "Classic," (we've already heard it been called that) And our question to you, dear readers (both iphoned and not) is: If all the people who stood in line the first time, are standing in line again, what are they going to do with their old iphone? There must be massive piles of them somewhere.... Don't worry, we've already sent out scouts to find them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


0710081139.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Some child is running around plaid-less. Sent in by WOODGRAIN (with the help of her mom) just moments ago with the following caption: "Found in my mom's classroom. Amityville, NY." 7/10/08

Monday, July 7, 2008


The PVP, CVD (Corrections and Verifications Department) has just been notified, via anonymous informant, that today's previous post, i.e. "WHITE and BLACK, Do you want cash back?" was captured not by BIG JER, as previously noted, but, infact by EILEEN HANNAH, who did not sign her submission. BIG JER and MS. HANNAH have very similar PVP MIDs (Mobile identification Numbers) so the mistake managed to slip through our CVD's fingers and go unnoticed for the last seven hours. Sorry to slight you, EILEEN, now you have credit where credit is due.

Bus Lady wearin' BEIGE and NAVY

FW: IMG00163.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Sent in by CALL PAUL: Beige & Navy dress. 23rd street x-town bus. 7/7/08 11:27am

WHITE and BLACK, Do you want cash back?

Another great specimen of an abstracted graphic plaid. This sneaky grocery check-out line capture technique was flawlessly executed by BIG JER at City Market in Burlington, Vermont on June 29th, 2008.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

In BLACK and WHITE: Translated from French into many shades of grey

Still from: À Bout de Souffle BREATHLESS (1960 France 90mins) 35mm
Stripes: Jean Seberg (Patricia Franchini) Plaid: Jean-Paul Belmondo (MIchel Poiccard, aka, Laszlo Kovacs)
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard, co-written by Godard and fellow New Wave director, François Truffaut.

MICHEL: C'est vraiment dégueulasse.
PATRICIA: Qu'est ce qu'il a dit?
VITAL: Il a dit que vous êtes "une dégueulasse".
PATRICIA: Qu'est ce que c'est "dégueulasse"?[1]

MICHEL: That's really disgusting.
PATRICIA: What did he say?
VITAL: He said, "You are really a bitch."
PATRICIA: What is "déguelasse" [bitch]?

MICHEL: It's a real scumbag.
PATRICIA: What did he say?
VITAL: He said, "You're a real scumbag".
PATRICIA: What's a scumbag?

MICHEL: Makes me want to puke.
PATRICIA: What did he say?
VITAL: He said you make him want to puke.
PATRICIA: What's that mean, "puke"?


McCarren Park, After Dark, Sunday, July 6th, 2008 9:53pm

Friday, July 4, 2008

RED, WHITE (and BLUE): What the $@#& is wrong with you?

This ridiculous individual was captured by ROSEBUD on the 4th of July. Location and situation remain unclear. Red and white checked shirt barely visible due to low light, rain, tar and creosote soaked fabric, and both physical and mentally spastic movements. Sources tell us that she is, infact, not insane, just highly imaginative.

0704082319.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

BLAck and WHITE, on the inside

FW: IMG00134.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Plaid behind bars. Stanton & Ludlow. Sent in by CALL PAUL. 7/2/08


He knows when you are sleeping,
He knows when you're awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good,
So be good, for goodness sake!


Here at PVP we are running a little contest to see if the soil level of plaid can be determined by the naked eye. Below is a laundry basket filled with both plaid and un-plaid garments. Your task, dear readers, is to write in and venture a guess whether or not the plaid you see is, in fact, dirty or clean. Winner gets a plaid prize. duh.

0701081240.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

*If you have won a prize from the PVP in the last 30 days, you are not eligible for this contest.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yes, we know this shirt defies the textbook two-tone conventions of the traditional buffalo check, but the moth was clinging to it so dearly that we thought it was definitely worthy of a bit of extra attention. The shirt, however multi-colored, is a very nice specimen of a stylized graphic checked pattern. Moths have very good taste. We know this because they ate holes in all our favorite sweaters. This picture was taken and sent in by ROSEBUD, minutes before we noticed that the whole backyard was being besieged by a swarm of fireflies. Not that a fire fly ever hurt anything, but here at PVP headquarters we don't get back to nature the way we once did, so we were surprised to see their little glowing insect bodies hovering around in the daylight, especially in Brooklyn. (Since when are there fireflies in Brooklyn?) BBQing in the backyard at 96 Scholes, 7/1/08. Around 8:15pm.

0701082022.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

PLAID: the ultimate URBAN OUTFIT.

Yes, dear friends, Urban Outfitters has done it again! ...never failing to offer up an abundance of overpriced, child-crafted, resurrected styles of yesterday in a cliche array of trendy vintage inspired fabrics of today. Sent in moments ago by SWIRLYSWIRLY HENRY...(Swirly, What are you doing swirling around at Urban Outfitters before noon on a Tuesday?) Thanks for the capture. See you in the Craft Hole. 7/1/08 11:16am