Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Plaid Voyeurism Project is please to report that Ms. Anne RIttgers and her Dad have successfully bagged their first deer while sporting PVP GENUINE ARTICLE Hand Painted Plaid Jackets. Best of luck from all of us at PVP-HQ, and keep 'em coming! We look forward to future posts.

Friday, September 3, 2010

On the Road Again...

Back from our European tour, back on American soil, here at PVP HQ, we are noticing a national trend in resurgence of enthusiasm for plaid voyeuristic tendencies. Just minutes ago, our virtual mailroom received this photograph:

Sent in, mid road trip, from Boulder, Colorado by PVP mobile correspondent, alias "Sparky" on his cross country migration from Boston to Los Angeles. We are still waiting to receive his official caption for this image, though it appears to be part of the facade decor of a second hand clothing retailer. This might be a first, in terms of posted documentation of the use of Plaid in the Architecture, which is a relatively new department for us. Our PVP-PITA (Plaid In The Architecture) interns (some of our most dedicated) are anxiously researching the archives to substantiate this claim. Results of their findings will be posted in the order they are discovered, so stay tuned. Thank You to Sparky for his road side submission, and from everyone here at PVP HQ, we wish you and your co-pilot smooth sailing for the remainder of your trip. Keep those eyes on the road, hands on the wheel. Safely First.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Here at PVP HQ, the buttons are practically bursting off our jackets with pride as we celebrate our Greatest Triumph to date: THE COMPLETION OF THE FIRST PAIR OF OFFICIAL PVP FATHER DAUGHTER HUNTING JACKETS!

A quick refresher in this continuing saga:

Back in the spring of 2008, the PVP Virtual Mailroom received an email inquiry from one Ms. Anne Rittgers of Duluth, Minnesota asking where to buy Blaze Orange Buffalo Plaid to make a jacket for her plaid loving father as a surprise for hunting season, which requires, by Minnesota law, that all hunters wear orange in the woods (rather than her dad's beloved red and black check.)

The PVP-WGU (Web Gopher Unit) went to work at once to uncover a retailer where Ms. Rittgers could buy such an item, but after 48 strait hours of relentless digging, they had exhausted every internet lead and nearly all of our coffee supply.

Unsuccessful, they passed off the task to the SRTF (Special Requests Task Force) Who were called into an emergency think tank to come up with a solution.

In after consultation with the PVP-ADD (Art and Design Department) and PVP-EOS (Extension and Outreach Services) It was decided that PVP would offer to hand paint a plaid pattern on a blaze orange textile of Ms. Rittgers own choosing. This service would be provided free of charge, with the only provision being that she send in photograph of her father wearing the Jacket and maybe one of him holding up his first successful trophy hunted wearing the hand painted plaid jacket. A few weeks later a box arrived from Minnesota containing several yards of day glow orange polar fleece.

A team of PVP Interns were immediately assigned to the task of hand painting the yardage, but summer being a slow time at PVP HQ, the interns, suffering from the infamous heat wave of '08 dropped their paintbrushes, hung up their plaid jackets, grabbed their binoculars and headed for the beach in search of plaid swimwear sightings.

When the autumn winds began to blow, back to HQ the interns did go... but back-to-school shopping season and fall fashion being wrought with plaid the way it always is, the interns were soon up to their ears in processing and overflow of plaid: shirts, jackets, backpacks, pencil cases, sneakers, scarves, etc... and again Ms. Rittger's project was placed on the back burner.

Embarrassingly enough, the project was not completed until well into the fall, alas, not in time for hunting season, and Ms. Rittger's father had to go yet another season without his Orange Plaid Jacket.

FAST FORWARD: August, 2010.
PVP-ONLINE has been on hiatus from posting sightings on the blog, due to extreme frequency of plaid usage in year round fashion. HQ currently wrapping up a fact finding mission in Tallinn, Estonia, focusing on the possibility/viability of opening a European Branch, when the above image posted of Ms. Rittgers and her dad is forwarded to us from the US office with URGENT in the subject line. The photo was instantly forwarded office-wide, resulting in 45 minutes of exuberant cheering and whistling in celebration of this a momentous occasion.


From all of us at PVP, we wish Anne and her Dad a happy and safe and bountiful hunting season!

***For complete back story on this groundbreaking achievement, please visit the PVP archived postings from April 8, & 11, May 3, 2008.