Saturday, June 20, 2009

176 N Union Plaid Plea

If anyone out there knows who actually belongs to this couch, please
tell them to remove it at once so that the nice people at #176 don't
get fined. Thank You.

Dug Plaid Nap

A plaid clad market-goer peruses Burlington Artist Dug Nap's paintings
at the Artist Market, saturday morning City Hall Park, Burlington, VT.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hardly voyeurism, but plaid none the less. Thanks Dale, you're a good

Monday, June 8, 2009

Start Wearing Plaid!

Backstage at the Gogol Bordello show at Higher Ground on Sunday, a die hard groupie catches his breath and phones a friend from the plaid couch in the girls dressing room after successfully breaching multiple security checkpoints.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Long time, no plaid.

Dear Readers,
As you may have noticed, the once swift and steady current of plaid posts has dwindled to all but a trickle this past spring. No, (and unfortunately) we have not discovered a way to re-freeze the melting glaciers, we (The PVP Executive Search Committee) have been on a Tour of Surveylance in several regions of the UK, scouting plaid frequencies in London and and throughout the English countryside. We apologize for being completely out to lunch (and dinner, tea, and traditional Engilsh breakfast) but we can assure you, read readers, that our online absence was not out of neglect, but with the desire to break down and reconfigure the fundamental mission of PVP, as well as reassess, update and improve reconnaissance tactics to enable and empower plaid voyeurs for generations to come. Over many fabulous meals, discussion of collected data has revealed the preliminary diagnostics of our study have lead us to believe that there might be considerable reason to open a European branch of operations to more accurately measure the impact of buffalo plaid on foreign soil. There is some speculation that a significant increase in plaid overseas might have some correlation with both US/UK credit crunch attitudes towards fashion. Of course, it is too early in the game to say for sure, but with careful examination of complied statistics, we will be more adequately equipt to to take a more public stance on the issues facing us today. We are in the finishing stages of our study and promise to be back in the office by early next week. See you soon!
Sincerely, PVP Executive Search Committee.

make up: kate woods, styling: jet olivia, model: mila, photo: leslie van stelten