Saturday, March 22, 2008


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(Originally published in The Burlington Free Press, Burlington, Vermont 3/21/08)

UVM ski listerv: The cult of the green plaid
By Phyl Newbeck
Free Press Correspondent
March 21, 2008

It all began with Wesley Wright's green plaid pants from Johnson Woolen Mill. Wright, an information technologies specialist at the University of Vermont, wore those pants for many years, skiing at Mad River Glen and other areas. The plaid was his trademark, and soon became the unofficial fashion statement for SkiVT-L, the listserv that Wright created in 1988.

Now, on any given day at a ski area in Vermont, you're likely to see a skier or snowboarder with a swath of green plaid fabric worn as an armband or attached to a helmet as they bring their virtual community together on the slopes.