Saturday, March 8, 2008


030808_1556a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Seconds after I took this photograph, a voice from over my shoulder asked, "Did you just take a picture?" Petrified, I wheeled around to face a guy who had just watched me point and snap the above posted plaid capture. (For security reasons I will call him FRANK.) Frank had unmistakably seen me take the photo, he wanted to know why. Hesitantly, I explained the blog, and he pulled out his iphone to verify my story. (No one in Vermont has iphones because Vermont doesn't get AT&T, not yet at least.) Frank and his wife were visiting from Chicago where probably everyone has iphones. He typed in the address, bookmarked the URL in his web browser and promised to come back and spend some time on our blogspot. If he doesn't, and our interchange becomes just another anecdotal moment from his trip to Vermont, March '08, well then, so be it. But I bet he'll look twice the next time he sees plaid. City Market. Burlington, Vermont 3/7/08 4:08pm