Saturday, March 15, 2008


Boards Magazine is giving the ad industry the chance to vote for its favorite up-and-coming talent with the First Boards Awards People's Choice Award. Selected from the top 10 finalists in the director's category, this person will be honored at this year's installment of the First Boards Awards, to be held Apr. 3 at the Canal Room in New York City. Voting closes on April 3!

031408_2358d.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

PVP will take to the streets today leafletting for our friend (PVP Alias: DUDE)'s reel to win the formentioned Board Award in the category of Direction. One of the spots on his nominated reel features the protagonist wearing a buffalo plaid scarf, so it's our duty and our pleasure to throw ourselves behind a candidate we believe in. Moment's ago, the entire PVP staff headed out the door equipt with signs, buttons, stickers, and thermoses of hot coffee, and by 10:00 they should be at their posts. We are planning to cover all the major intersections in Manhattan and a few in Brooklyn. We'll be easy top spot because we're all wearing plaid jackets... then again, so is a large percentage of the rest of the population.... Anyway, If you see one of us out there, stop and say hi. We'll be everywhere. To cast your ballot online, please cut and paste the link below: Vote for the reel with the guy with the barbells, dude...;_i=%5b%5bid%5d%5d;_ei=%5b%5bemailid%5d%5d&__ctr=2&__ctre=2909052&__ctr=2&__ctre=2918723#