Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Hawaiian and the Swiss Army.

030908_0508a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

BTV to JFK. Gate 15. Flt #19. Boarding @5:30am. Departs: 6:00am. 3/9/08. Captured at 5:06am.

Side note: Moments before this capture I was detained at the security checkpoint because I had not realized that my Swiss Army Knife was in my handbag. The flight was completely full due to all the cancelations the day before due to the ice storm which swept Vermont, taking down a tree in my Parents' back yard. The very same Swiss Army Knife, unbeknownst to me, that went undetected through JFK security checkpoints on my way to Vermont a week ago.

Part 2 of the Side Note: The woman pictured above dragging the L.L. Bean Hawaiian backpack on wheels, turned out to be next to me in seat 1B (I was in 1A) Neither one of us had room to stow our carry on bags below the seat in front of us, because there wasn't one. The woman in 1B barely had room to fit herself in to the seat, and looked very uncomfortable for most of the flight, especially when they came by with drinks and I my attempt to open the tray table, proved impossible due to generous red plaided love handles preventing it from unfolding out from the arm rest, which is where they keep the tray tables in row 1.

Part 3 of the Side Note: My carry on bag contained one large fuzzy stuffed owl, six adult Airborne Jellyfish, and one baby, a brown velveteen bag of quartz crystals, one knit panda finger puppet, one felted finger puppet of undeterminable species, one pink gossamer ribbon, and if they hadn't caught it, one multi-blade knife. Upon arrival, the woman in the plaid shirt in 1B announced, in a voice audible at least as far back as row 12, that her Hawaiian print rolly back pack was full of school books.