Tuesday, May 6, 2008


You may have noticed, that lately we have been heavy in to documentaries. Our EX/AV DPT ( Extra Curricular Audio/VIsual Department) has been riding a wave of insomnia which they are trying to make contagious to the rest of us by hosting irresistible all night/early morning screenings of documentaries on select seductive personalities such as Frank Gehry, Marc Jacobs and Matthew Barney, (see below sighting in Matthew Barney; Unrestrained.)

Usually, (and they have yet to be proven wrong) there is a plaid cameo to be found in such titles, and PVP EX/AV DPT has made it their personal [insomniac] mission to find them. Sometimes, it is quite a stretch to see what they will consider a passible sighting. This image below is a photograph taken last Sunday around 2:30am by ROSEBUD at the Bushwick Country Club, on a trip to the bar between screenings. When he sent it in, It was completely black, with the attached caption: Bushwick C.C. Evening, and based on the ungodly hour of its submission, (well past "evening") and the assumed state of inebriation of our dear friend ROSEBUD, the team in the PVP APDU (Abstract Plaid Deciphering Unit) was quick to dismiss it as a joke. But upon closer examination, and a heartfelt testimony from ROSEBUD himself, we decided to run it through another magazine of tests, and sure enough, after a very complicated photo enhancement process this is the image that was revealed: Quite a complex plaid indeed. Thanks Rosebud!