Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going Solo.

Today's post, (well yesterday's actually, since we're posting it past midnight so its technically tomorrow...) Whatever you want to call it, the subject of the capture above is Owen Pallett, the one man of the pretty much one man band called Final Fantasy (named after the video game, and not to be confused with the German trance band of the same name.) Though we've never heard him play, he apparently plays it all, including a violin into loop pedal, we've heard it's impressive. Anyway, since out efforts here at PVP are always such a group effort, and Plaid Voyeurism being the team sport that it is, we never do anything alone and are endlessly very, very impressed by those artists who go to such great lengths, heights and the ends of the earth (Mexico City, Ann Arbor, etc.), spending all the money they can barely scrape together, in pursuit of something slightly beyond their grasp and the glory of a great adventure.
Happy Birthday SPARKY. 5/18/08