Thursday, May 1, 2008


The word is out, folks...

The ever popular red and white PIC-NIC PLAID (Also known as Pizzeria Plaid, as displayed above, Valdiano Restaurant, Manhattan Ave, Greepoint) has been approved as the OFFICIAL 2008 Summer Weight Strain of our beloved Buffalo Check. After a considerable amount of back and forth banter, we had to resort to a cut throat ping-pong tournament to finally determine a verdict.

As the Captain of the winning team, (We play doubles so more people get to play) We are proud to award the folks at CPNA (Coalition for Pic-Nic Accessories) with the title of OSWS'08 (Official Summer Weight Srain,'08) Such a fun and festive flat pattern is more than deserving of our accolades.... at least until after labor day.