Friday, May 30, 2008


Hello devout Plaid Voyeurs,

It is with great concern that I write this note to you all. I am the PVP, COICODE (Chief Officer In Case of Dire Emergency) I only step in when disaster strikes, and it seems, this time, it certianly has. The entire staff of the Plaid Voyeurism Project Headquarters has mysteriously developed severe and rather debilitating kidney infections and have not been able to carry out the regular program of operations in the last week or so. So, as an emergency measure I have been called in to try to keep things in order, and will do my best to post your submissions, which, apologetically, are very backed up. The team down in Mexico did a pretty good job of capturing some very interesting specimines of Mexican Buffalo Plaid, which I am going to try to get up and running for you as soon as possible.

Please don't be alarmed, though PVP headquarters looks like a medic tent from the set of M.A.S.H., I can assure you that the PVP VHCP (Volunteer Health Care Professionals) have everybody on individual cots receiving a steady intraveinus antiboitic drip and with proper fluids, they should all be back in their cubicles in no time. On Behalf of the entire PVP TEAM, both ill and not, well, I guess most everybody's ill, (Except for the PVP CCPS (Cross Country Plaid Safari) Mobile Unit, who just called in with well wishes from a Best Western somewhere south of Cincinati, oh, and our NCRP (North Country Roving Photographer) Who we haven't heard from in over a month...) We apologize for this devastating lapse in plaid and we promise to bounce back all bright eyed and bushy tailed with new feathers in our caps, just as soon as our kidneys are in proper working order.

P.S. In the midst of this current epidemic, I was reminded of an old saying by BAMBI BOY, one of our newest members.
As we were carrying a few of the ailing bodies to the infirmary tent from where we had found them, feverishly shaking, crouched under their their desks, he turns to me and says, "You know... Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you."

Wise words, BAMBI BOY, wise words indeed.

Sincerely Yours,