Monday, February 18, 2008


021808_1647a.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

I've really been wearing out the elastic on the trusty "Faux-n call" capture technique. I was walking north on the east side of Bedford. Through the intermittent traffic I spied a buffalo plaid inside the muffin shop on the other side of the street. Without hesitation, I darted towards it, narrowly escaping death-by-speedy delivery bike. Plaid subject was deep in conversation inside the store. Tried to capture from outside through the unseasonably propped open door, but the depth of field of my nearsighted camera phone lacked the power to complete the task. I had no choice but to go in. I had no reason to squeeze in to the already crowded bakery. I didn't even have the change for a small coffee. But my mission was clear. I stood there for a moment, pretending to ponder the daily specials, simultaneously flipping opening my phone. With the push of a button, the camera function was enabled, then I hit few more for an accurate simulated dial. I raised the phone perpendicular to the floor, much too high to for nonchalant. I aimed, paused... clicked the capture, and immediately put the phone to my ear, "Hello?" 2/28/08 4:48pm