Thursday, February 7, 2008


020708_1104b.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.

Another sweatshirt. (Perhaps we are unearthing the trend for February?) This is a noteworthy capture because the subject is wearing both Buffalo Plaid AND Army Camo. This combination can be seen as a Rosetta Stone of sorts in the Plaid Voyeirism World. The archetypal pairing of a Plaid jacket, and Camouflage Pants, as an urban fashion statement (be it conscious or unconscious) has renewed our curiosity in the origins of Army Camo, as some shared threads may inform our own back story and shed new light on Buffalo Plaid's current popularity. Both patterns have an extensive following over a broad demographic of both the urban and rural populous, as well as a shared aesthetic functionality in obscuring the human silhouette in natural surroundings. These correlations cannot be mere coincidence. Thus, we have scraped together our funds and chartered a new department, which will bill as a subdivision of the PVP, HRT, (Historical Research Team) entitled: PVP, PCR (Pattern Cross-Referencing) New findings will be published as they are uncovered. The above image was captured while waiting for the G at Lorimer Street. 2/7/08 10:55am.