Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tommy Tune by J. Peterman. Circa Fall 1997

All I said was, "nice shirt."
Show people. You know how intuitive they can be.
Somehow it wound up in my hands. (Don't now how it got there.)
He still had on a white T-shirt. I gave him something from page 56 (an earlier catalogue) in XXL.
And I had Tommy Tune's shirt. He's a friend. (Do you tell me everything?) A party.
But back to more inportant things. The shirt.
That conversation took place some time ago. Finding this particular plaid in a substantial fabric that feels like cashmere was proving elusive, even for my spies.
But it's here, finally. Tommy Tune's Shirt. Wonderful looking. Worth all the trouble. 100% heavily brushed cotton which feels like cashmere. 7-button front. Very cool over a T, or nothing. Women should have their own because if they borrow it from a man he'll never get it back. I know.
Colors: Rust, Green, or Navy.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL (Long tails, as you might imagine.)
All Tommy said was, "when you duplicate it for $89 son't tell me."
Tommy Tune Shirt (No. 525727).
Price: $79. Imported.