Friday, June 20, 2008

ROSEBUD: In the bedroom.

Upon arriving at headquarters this morning, I was met at the door by the PVP, NS-IPR (Night Shift-Incoming Plaid Receiver) who was so excited she could hardly wait to show me the postings which appeared in our inbox in the wee hours of morning. The postings were sent in from ROSEBUD (our PVP, AVC (Acting Vermont Correspondent for the month of June.) who is currently stalking plaid, under-cover on the set of a movie being filmed in various locations in Northern Vermont. We always know we're gonna get something good when Rosebud writes in between the hours of 2-5 in the morning, and this time is no exception. Once again, all of us at PVP Headquarters applaud ROSEBUD for the lengths he is willing to go, sacrificing his body, his health, and occasionally his personal integrity, to capture some of the most obscure and intimate moments in Plaid Voyeurism the world has ever seen. Thank You, Rosebud, we hope you are currently sleeping well. Please call headquarters when you join the land of the living.

Original caption: Slumber Party. Essex Vermont.
Received: Friday JUne 20, 3:11am

Additional texted correspondance:

3:28am: "It's all for PVP! I wish I was in bed sleeping but here I am again in the trenches drinking shitty beer, hitting on underage chicks, laughing at their dumb jokes, smoking clove cigarettes, talking about the Sex and the City movie, pretending I care about shoes and feelings and letting them paint my toe nails and shit just for the pix..."

4:28am: "That's the life of a PVP undercover agent."