Monday, June 16, 2008

YOU and your DAD in similar PLAID

Summertime at PVP headquarters means trying our best to find new and exciting ways to come to terms with the the scarcity of traditional wool wool buffalo plaid sightings during the hot weather. Our latest is a preoccupation with vintage photographs featuring a plaid subject, even better when there is a little story attached.

Today's post comes to us from a very enthusiastic new PVP member: OLD MAN, who sends us a picture of his dad, OLD MAN SR., looking sharp in summer weight plaid poplin, circa 1965, with a notable resemblance to Matt Damon. We can probably assume he is in India, due to the architecture in the background. To fully appreciate this photograph beyond a superficial plaid level, one would need but to glance at a current picture of OLD MAN SR, to note the amazing transformation from dashing young man, to distinguished gentleman. We are hoping to receive such a photo some day, as well a bit of the back story surrounding the snapping of this shot.
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Below is a horribly dark, but current capture of OLD MAN wearing a very similar shirt to that of his dad's, sitting outside at the Bangkok Bistro on Saturday because the dumb old Half Bar didn't half enough chairs. 6/13/08 10:53pm