Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Our inbox jolly jammed of both your wonderful submissions (Thanks, everyone!) and the Plaid Photo Journal that our IPR (International Plaid Rovers) collected while on assignment in Mexico City two weeks ago. All of this has been on hold of course, due to the mass illness that swept headquarters last week. Rest assured, dear readers, we have a 95% recovery rate of all PVP employees, 99% of which are functioning with both kidneys. As of this morning (Tuesday) at 8:30am when we opened, the office is opperating at about 97% of its normal 98% efficency. That said...

Here's the best of the best of the Plaid of Mexico City, brought to you by the PVP, IPR: (International Plaid Rovers) (Not shown, the first plaid sighting of the trip: Woman in LIGHT BLUE and WHITE plaid jacket eating popcorn from a bag, Sunday, May 18, 2008 around 3:30pm in the Alemeda Park, taken point blank range by Sayuri with her camera. Perhaps someday that photo will surface on billboards in the Dominican Republic, but until we get in touch with her, I suspect that image is one that will survive exclusively in our imaginations.)

May 21, 2008, 4:42pm, Cinco De Mayo, Mexico City.

Hanging plastic woven bag in shop close to the Academia San Carlos, our home base while in Mexico City. May 22, 5:13pm

(This photo has been drastically lightened, due to the twilight hour of its capture. Pictured is the PINK and RED plaid towel belonging to the the woman making the most delicious tacquitos we've ever had in our lives. Down the street from where we photographed that hanging bag earlier the same day. Please note, we did not get sick. May 22, 2008, 11:19pm

The back of a buffalo check flannel shirt, watching some Aztec dancers outside the church next to the Zocalo. MAy 23, 2008 7:04pm