Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RED and WHITE in SNOW FOREST* (Contrary to popular assumption, in this case white does not refer to snow.)

Camping at Snow Forest*. Summer 1967
Added by:
Randy Carlson

* Here at PVP, we have become extremely curious about the above "Snow Forest" as stated in the caption provided by plaid donor Randy Carlson, (who was not available for comment). Since the above photo was clearly captured during the summer months, the obvious lack of snow in the stated forest location of this capture seems wrought with Irony. We've wasted not a moment of time getting to the bottom of this little paradox. A caucus was to set up to appoint the members of the PVP, PLIC (Paradoxical Location Investigation Committee) who came back in two shakes of a lambs tail with the following information regarding the alledged "Snow Forest."

Snow Forest, closed 1973 through 1978, reopened in 1979 and then closed permanently in the spring of 1992. Dan & Dave Platus, two brothers who worked in the California aerospace industry owned Snow Forest for sixteen years. Contributed by Paul Herrick, Assistant Ski School Director at Mt. Baldy: I was working at Snow Forest Ski Area through the 80s and last taught there in the Spring of 1992. That year they closed, the Forest Service pulled the permit so no one else could take over the ski area. Also that year Jim McDill, Ski School Director at Snow Forest, died. He was also the director of the Big Bear Valley Park Ski Teaching Program for several decades. I moved my teaching to Mt Baldy and started there on December 24, 1992.