Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yes, we know this shirt defies the textbook two-tone conventions of the traditional buffalo check, but the moth was clinging to it so dearly that we thought it was definitely worthy of a bit of extra attention. The shirt, however multi-colored, is a very nice specimen of a stylized graphic checked pattern. Moths have very good taste. We know this because they ate holes in all our favorite sweaters. This picture was taken and sent in by ROSEBUD, minutes before we noticed that the whole backyard was being besieged by a swarm of fireflies. Not that a fire fly ever hurt anything, but here at PVP headquarters we don't get back to nature the way we once did, so we were surprised to see their little glowing insect bodies hovering around in the daylight, especially in Brooklyn. (Since when are there fireflies in Brooklyn?) BBQing in the backyard at 96 Scholes, 7/1/08. Around 8:15pm.

0701082022.jpg, originally uploaded by abbyabby.