Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For the GRUNGE of MONEY...

"Marie Claire's "Factory Girls'" Shoot: An Assembly Line of 90's Era Recockulousness"

Our team in PVP's QCD (Quotes and Citations Department) have had quite a time figuring out whom to quote on this one. The following text is an excerpt from a blog post on an online lifestyles/pop culture magazine in response to a fashion spread in Newstand's Marie Claire Magazine sent in to PVP as a link by CALL PAUL.

"Grunge is back you guys. For real. And in the pages of the August issue of Marie Claire, the editors try to make it seem cool by setting a plaid-centric photo shoot in some kind of factory. Perplexed as to how $395 overalls and a $2,000 Chanel skirt are working-class? Put on some Pearl Jam and check out the manual labor-chic..."

From Jezebel.com's MAG HAG Blog- posted by DODAI (not a at PVP alias) at 2:00pm on Tuesday July 15 2008. As of 2:34 pm, when we first checked the link that CALL PAUL sent, there had been 1,133 views, 48 comments. Quite a tangled world wide web we weave... Thank you CALL PAUL for the tip off.