Friday, September 25, 2009


In the process snapping a pic of himself to post on facebook for the purpose of showing off his new specks to all his friends on facebook, Sparky, pictured left, has unknowingly placed himself in front of a plaid garment of unknown shape, size, and origin. This random act of plaid capture did not go unnoticed by our new CPFI (Collection of Plaid on Facebook Interns) who have been added to the staff here at PVP, just in time to ride the wave of the Back To School influx of plaid-as-mobile-uploads we have noticed on facebook since labor day. The monitoring of this new type of Plaid Voyerism is of such huge interest to us that we have added an entire wing on to Headquarters to house the new staff, and have made it our ONPFF (Official New Project For Fall)
Basically, our interns, both I.O. (In-Office), and A.L. (At Large), are combing the WWW 24 hours a day looking for previously uploaded pictures that people have taken of themselves for any number of reasons, and just happen to be wearing plaid and/or unknowingly capture it in the background.
Stay tuned for further updates. Thanks to Sparky for being our PPC (Plaid Poster Child).