Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Fish, Blue Fish...Just one more indication we're not in Maine anymore, aka, our last [double]flash back to summer.

Our Interns have been busy busy bees raking through masses of summer snapshots now making their way into the annals of facebook photo abums. There is SO MUCH PLAID out there this fall, here at PVP, we have really had to develop quite a systematic discerning eye for which pics we feel are worthy of our blog site.
The pair of pictures below, made the cut due to A.) We miss Maine. B.) Foster, our subject, owns not one, but TWO plaid shirts, one in red and one in blue, and seems to alternate them at random, though we did, infact, assign a statistics intern to come up with a pattern, but to no avail. C.) This is the first of many times we are going to say we are no longer posting summer pictures, so don't pack up your bathing suits just yet....