Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This quintessential Canal Street image was sent in by SWIRLY HENRY a week or so ago and misplaced due to the summertime memory lapse that has invaded PVP headquarters over the past few weeks. It's hot and we ain't got no AC, and people's minds are out lying on the grass in the park sipping Rose through a straw from a paper cup... Bottom line, there just ain't much plaid to be seen in August. However, We've been nosey, and through our anonymous sources with their toes in fashion, we've heard that Back to School is gonna be packed with it's fair share of our favorite fabric. So if you feel as though PVP has been slackin.... we have. We're the first to admit it. There's only so many times we can write about how we're seeing gingham before we lose our minds. It's too hot for that and we've already made allowances for our lack of air conditioning by letting the staff members at head quarters work in just their underwear, if they so choose.

So check out the scarves below, (according to recent NY Times article, the sales of these and other imports hawked on Canal Street may or may not be funding terrorism, but go ahead tourist Marjorie from Indiana, bring one back to the folks back home... it's SO New York!) Image courtesy of SWIRLY H, who braved the wilds of Canal Street on a Saturday in July to capture this image.