Thursday, January 10, 2008

GRAPHITE and PAPER: Annex Plaid - from the Archives.

Hand drawn plaid on paper. Got no money to pay the weavers. -CUT TO- Montage of textile mills of the late 1800's and the little ragged kids running the machines, focus on their sad faces and maybe catch a trickling tear, pan left past the kid and out one of the mill windows transitioning into a montage of jolly hunters in plaid coats bounding through the forest and crouching in the underbrush with rifles drawn ready to blast a hole in the first quadroped to wander through their sights. Set against Irish Troubador, Liam Clancy's tune THE WEAVERS. "If it Wasn't for the Weavers, what would you do? You wouldn't have cloth that's made out of wool... and so on." Song ends. Screen fades to black. Moment's silence. Rifle's report. THE END. This has been a BAG TAG inspired IMV (Imaginary Music Video.) produced in conjunction with PVP IA/VD (Imaginary Audio Visual Department,) a subsidiary of Use Your Imagination Media Works, LLC. If you would like to hear the song in its entirety, it is available for quick download from itunes. For more information about other productions in hand drawn plaid (As seen in BAG TAG and the image in this capture, please go to Please stay tuned for future installments. Peace.