Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On Tour in Plaid with Johnny and the Roccos

Edith, the singer from The Diamonds wore plaid when they played the Victoria Hotel in Hawick, Scotland, On tour with Johnny and the Roccos in 1961.

It all started in the Fifties: when Elvis Presley was on the top of his early career, a handful of young boys started doing exactly the same that de did... they played Rock'n'Roll music. When they turned professional in 1972 and the band was renamed Johnny and the Roccos, the first steps towards a successful career in the music business were already taken and they had 15 years of experience yet.
Since the late 70's Johnny and the Roccos have been working together with a great number of American artists. The pictures shown here shall give you a small overview from the early days until today. Endless tours have since taken them all across Europe and to the USA.