Thursday, December 18, 2008

Plaid Charming?

Subject captured entering Cinderella's Cards for Less Lotto and Gifts
(located at 109 Manhattan Ave) Is he here to steal Cindy away from the
hum drum of discount retail? Has he come to carry her off to a life of
happily ever after? Our plaid scout bides her time outside the store,
faking a phone call or two, camera ready, waiting to see with what the
plaid subject will emerge.... Hoping it's the true love of a princess
bride. But alas, as the door opens, he crosses the threshold not with
lover in arms, but instead clutching a lotto ticket. Our man's got
money on the mind, he does. Who needs love when you've got a stake in
this week's Mega Millions Jackpot?(which has reached a monthly high of
16 mil.)