Monday, September 8, 2008

BLACK and WHITE on the right, RED and BLACK on the left and MONKEY [ME] in the middle

Saw him sitting there as soon as I came through the turnstile at 3rd Ave. Pretended to check something on my phone white snapping the following shot:

The train came moments later and as the doors opened I saw RED and BLACK standing just inside. BLACK and WHITE and I boarded the train and there I was, sandwiched between two plaids in a jam packed 5:30 rush L train being dragging us all back to Brooklyn. I tried my very best to get a good shot featuring both of my bookends, but they were just far enough apart that I couldn't squeeze them into one frame while on board the train.

After de-training at the Bedford stop, I finally was able to capture them both in the same frame, though only a sleeve of RED and BLACK is barely visible on the far left.